Terms & Conditions

Terms used – We/our = LUSO LIMOUSINES or drivers.

You/Your/hirer = The individual, company or entity who booked and paid for the vehicle hire and their accompanying guests.

THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS (T&C's) WILL BE DEEMED TO HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED, UPON CLICKING ON THE RELEVANT TICK BOX ( Electronic Signature) , SITUATED, EITHER, AT THE BOTTOM OF THE "BOOKING FORM", WHICH DISPLAYS THE MESSAGE: " I accept the Terms & Conditions of hire and that all above details are true and correct, OR WHERE DISPLAYED, IN THE "INSTANT ON-LINE QUOTE", WHICH DISPLAYS THE MESSAGE: "By checking this box you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Please Note that our Booking Terms & Conditions also cover subcontract cars and drivers brought in, in an emergency or as a 3rd Party Supplier. Furthermore, please note, that you are also accepting our Privacy Policy, when using our Website.

General Reservations - All bookings must be prepaid in full. Your Payment options are:


Cash payments will only be accepted, and to be paid to the Driver, should any additional cost arise, during the execution of the transfer.

To secure Your Booking: You will be required to submit our Booking Form, or our On-Line Reservation, complete with credit card details (for security reasons) and pay a 40% Deposit, by using any of the above options methods of payment, but subject to availability, required to be confirmed by our Offices, in writing. Outstanding balance to be paid (14) Fourteen days before the Transfer Date. Upon receiving your Booking Form and having, successfully processed your Deposit/Full payment, a Confirmation Email will be sent to you for the effect. No verbal warranties/representations will be accepted and they will not be a reason for us to hold the vehicle discussed. Should another booking be received, we reserve the right to allocate that vehicle to the new booking. A first come, first served Policy will be observed in this situation.


Wedding & School Formal Reservations – Pre payment in full is our preferred method of booking. However, we will accept a deposit of 40% of the total amount payable. Once we receive your deposit, your reservation will be confirmed, but subject to availability, by our Offices, in writing. The balance owing is payable (30) Thirty days before your transfer date.

If your deposit was paid by credit card, the balance due will be automatically debited to your credit card. A courtesy email will be sent to you a week before this deduction. If your deposit was paid by an electronic transfer, we will send you a reminder notice to complete the payment.


Cancellations  General Cancellations:


Please also note that failure to arrive or "no show" will incur a 100% of full transfer cost and refunds will not be given for any part of booking, nor can they be used for a future transfer.

ADDITIONAL STOPS: If any additional Stops will be requested, but not accounted for in the Original Booking, will be charged at $50.00 per STOP, made and to be charged to your Credit Card.

Credit Cards/surcharge fees: Any Deposits/Payments made via Credit Cards/PayPal will be subject to a Surcharge fee, as follows:


Wedding & Formal Cancellations – Cancellations made within (90) Ninety days of the booking date are NOT refundable. Cancellations made before (90) Ninety days of the booking date, will inccur a cancellation fee of 10% of the monies paid.


Booking Changes – Once your Booking is confirmed, by our Offices, in writing, the price will not change unless you make changes to any details. We will try to accommodate any changes, but, subject to availability.

You may cancel your booking subject to our cancellation policy. Our drivers DO NOT have the authority to change the booked times, waiting times, pick up or destination addresses or routes. Any changes on the booking date, or pick up address, may incur further charges.


Waiting Times & No Shows – Excessive waiting time (over (10) Ten minutes grace period) is NOT included in your price unless it has been specified. Any waiting time will be charged as per our standard fees.

All payments will be forfeited if the hirer will not show for the booking.


Vehicle Damage & Behaviour – The hirer is responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle booked for the service requested. This includes spilt drinks, soiling of seats, mud/dirt tracked onto floors and/or seats, broken glasses, broken DVD/TV screens, broken lights and tears to upholstery.

If equipment provided in the vehicle (including bar utensils, CD’s, DVD’s, LCD TV’s, remote controls) is either lost or damaged, the hirer will be responsible for the cost of repair/replacement.

All cleaning and repairs costs will be passed onto the hirer with a min charge of $300 and unlimited maximum. Any glasses broken on board, will be charged at $15 each.

The hirer is also responsible for any damage caused by passengers traveling in the vehicle during the hire time.

If anyone traveling in the limousine behaves in an unsafe manner, or damaging way or is considered too intoxicated, by the Driver, we reserve the right to end the booking immediately and evict passengers from the vehicle. In this case, the booking will be terminated without any refund.

We will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused by the termination of the vehicle hire service due to unruly behavior by any passenger.

We reserve the right to charge the person who has hired the vehicle for any damage caused during the course of any service booked.

If there is damage to the vehicle which results in the vehicle being unavailable for future hire, then the hirer of the vehicle at the time the damage occurred will be held liable for losses resulting from lost or cancelled bookings, whilst the vehicle is repaired.

Safety Devices – Seatbelts are fitted to all our vehicles and passengers are required, by law, to wear them, while the vehicle is moving. Child restraints/booster seats must be used according to Transport Authorities in State concerned guidelines. 

It is the hirer's responsibility to advise if child restraints are required. The use of seat belts and child restraints will be the sole responsibility of the passengers or passengers´ guardian/parent and/or the person or entity who made the booking.

Any penalties or infringement notices issued for non- compliance (ie – not wearing a seat belt or not using the correct child restraint) will be TRIPLED and payable by the person or entity who booked the vehicle. Unfortunately the law dictates that our drivers will have 3 demerit points per offending passenger deducted from their license.

We reserve the right to charge the person in charge of the hire for all extra charges, cleaning and damage fees, fines and any penalties.

We reserve the right to charge the hirer's credit card for damages caused to the inside, outside of the vehicles by the Hirer or His Party.

Irresponsible behaviour that causes damage to the vehicle or endangers the safety of the other passengers will not be condoned. This includes, but is not restricted to, sitting on the exterior of the vehicle, hanging out of the windows, opening/closing the doors, opening of emergency hatches or emergency doors, shouting abuse, rudeness or intolerance with the chauffeur, misuse of the equipment, fixtures or consumables in the vehicle and wilful damage to the interior.

Opening of the doors or emergency hatch is forbidden and fines will apply if not adhered to. Such behaviour may, at the discretion of the chauffeur and Luso Limousines, result in the immediate termination of the hire without compensation.

In addition the hirer shall be held liable and responsible for any loss, howsoever caused by the behaviour of his or her party. 

The Hirer accepts that the Stereo system, DVD and CD equipments are provided as a courtesy. In the event that the equipment fitted to the vehicle malfunctions prior to or during the hire, We accept no liability whatsoever and no compensation shall be provided, nor will the company provide a refund.

Security – We require full credit card details for your booking which are held as security against waiting time, cancellation, no-show and vehicle damage etc. You will be notified of any pending additional payments.


Unforeseen Circumstances – While we make every effort to fulfil our commitment to you, we cannot assume responsibility for circumstances beyond our control, such as traffic, road and weather conditions, illness, vehicle breakdown, or collision. etc. We will do our best to provide a back-up vehicle or vehicles as quickly as possible. However, we cannot be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as a result of the breakdown or collission.


Liabilities & Insurance – Our maximum liability is limited to a full refund of monies paid related to the booking in question. We accept no liability or claim for liquidated damages, consequential loss or for any other eventuality. Our insurance policies ONLY cover passengers whilst inside the vehicle and en route.


Vehicle Restrictions & Road Rules – There may be instances where vehicles are unable to be negotiated over speed humps, through turns, driveways etc, rendering some locations inaccessible. In this case, we will endeavour to collect/deliver passengers at the closest possible point we can.

Should the driver deem any location or situation unsuitable for the vehicle, an alternative will be sought & used or termination of travel will occur if necessary.

The driver's decision will be final and no refund will be paid. Drivers will adhere stringently to all legal road rules at all times. All drivers will plot his/her own travel route/s.


Food, Smoking, Illegal Substances & Alcohol – Smoking and all illegal substances are strictly prohibited in our vehicles. 

Drinks are NOT available in, nor can be consumed in the corporate sedans. ONLY in the stretch limousines, as BYO. Failure in complying, may result in the termination of hire, without any refund.

Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed by persons over the age of 18. All alcohol consumption is at your own risk, liability and responsibility. No food of any kind is allowed inside our vehicles. Any passenger who does not comply with the above mentioned rules will forfeit their money and hire. Drinking Facilities made available on board, at client's request will attract a $50.00 Fee.


Only handbags/small carry bags are permitted to be carried inside any vehicle. If luggage is to be transported, this must be indicated on the booking form to allow the appropriate arrangements to be made.

Luggage Trailers can only be pulled by specific vehicles. For vehicles, other than those specific vehicles, the extra luggage transfer will be the Hirer´s responsibility.

Subcontractors – The services of other limousine companies may be used during peak times. Although other companies will remain under our supervision, they are governed by their own operational guidelines & operate at all times under their own insurance policies.

Change of Booking Terms & Conditions:

We reserve the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

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